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March 29, 2020    The New Normal

A new virus is sweeping its way across the world & whether we are ready to admit it or not, our lives will never go “back to normal”. Everyone, in their own time, will slowly have to adjust to a “new normal”.

When I first heard about Corona Virus it was just something that was happening somewhere else in the world. One day I am working at the office, business as usual & then next thing I know our Prime Minister is addressing the country urging us to Stay Home whenever possible. It may just be my naïve oblivion to the real world, but it all seemed to happen in a matter of hours for me.

I’ve paid attention to the news 3 times in my life. #1 was during the ice storm of 1998. I was 17 at the time & mainly just checking the local newspaper for all the pictures of my community turned into a giant ice sculpture. #2 was 9/11. I was studying at the Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design across from the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa. The world stopped even more suddenly this time as we listened to the radio talk about the devastation happening at the twin towers. Moments later we were being evacuated from the city. & Now 2020, streaming a live feed of Canada’s Prime Minister…

I am very fortunate that my day job is considered an essential business & allowed to remain open. I am even more lucky that I am in the accounting department & able to work 100% remotely. {Inserting a HUGE shoutout to my SUPERHERO co-workers who go in to the store each day to keep it operational.} Other ways that I am blessed in this current way of life is that I am a total introvert, so Social Isolation is kind-of a norm for me. I’m also very mellow & easily adapt to change. I stepped back quietly listened & observed, processed the swarming overload of new information zooming every which way & began to adapt.

The 1st thing that I did was TURN OFF ALL THE BULLSHIT NOISE. I never expected social isolation to involve so much friggen chatter. Yes, this is a serious situation. Viruses are one of the most powerful creatures on the planet. We all need to be doing as much as we can to slow the spread of its destruction. No, we do not need to be living in Fear or Guilt. Take your time to process what is happening & then TURN IT OFF! Pick your favourite news site (NOT FACEBOOK)(I personally go with the Gov. of Canada website), check in with it once or twice a day for an update but otherwise focus on enjoying you & your family; your health, your hobbies, your finances. Everything else is just noise.

 I admit I was extremely sad when all of my Trade Shows/Pop-Up Events/Comicons started cancelling. I cried with shock, fear & frustration. I had spent a whole year preparing for these events. My entire 2020 business goals were all tied to these events. I took some time to grieve & then I made some time to plan out new goals.

One thing I really wanted to do was find a way that someone like me, like Sebxet, a non-essential business could still do something to help people out. What could I do aside from sell Fun & Awesome “non-essential” goodies. &, well, that was it. I would provide you with Fun & Awesome “non-essential” entertainment to help you de-stress & adapt to the new normal.

This blog will be one of those ways. I will do movie reviews, talk about goth fashion, bands we like, updates on the latest collectibles etc. etc. I am also going to brave up & start doing some IG/FB lives with product demo’s etc.

So, this is not a step back for Sebxet. This is an opportunity to grow in a new direction. I will still be selling you Fun & Awesome “non-essential” goodies, but I will also be providing you with Fun & Awesome “non-essential” entertainment.

Comment below on what Fun & Awesome non-essential hobby you are working on right now. If you don’t have one, which one will you be starting after you have had a moment to take a deep breath?

P.S. use code BLOG10 for 10% off any item in the store at any time as a Thank You for reading this blog.

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